What is a HELOC?

At Control Your Equity, our goal is to inform and empower you. Watch this video to learn what a HELOC is – and discover exactly how it can free up your earning power. So you can invest, spend, and build wealth.

This Strategy May Be Right for You If You Have:

A Credit Score of 660+

Every loan is a risk for the lender. Your credit score helps reduce risk.

Positive Cash Flow

If you spend less than you make, you’ll pay down the HELOC faster.

Good Financial Discipline

Good spending and saving habits make all the difference.

HELOCs Aren’t for Everyone

If your personal situation isn’t right for a HELOC, now’s the time to find out. Take our quick survey now to find out whether a HELOC is a good fit – or a bad idea.

HELOC Benefits


A low, interest-only payment leaves room for the unexpected. For example, a medical bill, home repair, or travel expense. Use the HELOC. (Just make sure you don’t get in the habit of only paying interest – learn why in the ebook.)


Not amortized interest. By simply depositing all your income in the account, you can knock your interest payment down each day. Download the free ebook for complete details on how this strategy can work for you.


You won’t have to pay mortgage insurance. And your bank will probably not assess lender fees, depending on your state, how large your loan is, and which bank you choose.


Fund your retirement more fully. Provide your family with financial security. Set up a fund for your children. When you’re debt-free, your wealth-building options multiply as fast as the dollars in your bank account.

Discover more benefits and real-world examples in our free ebook.

(More) Benefits

Access Your Equity

Property executing this strategy can give you $1,000s to tap into.

Be More Generous

Want to give more to good causes? Make it possible with a HELOC.

Send Kids to College

Education is expensive. Leverage your equity to ease the pain.



Is paying off your mortgage and building wealth with a HELOC a good idea for you? Take our survey to find out whether it's a fit for your situation.