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Understanding the HELOC When Can I Borrow Money

Understanding the HELOC: When Can I Borrow Money?

As you’ve researched, you may have wondered, “when can I borrow money from a HELOC?” And that’s a good question. Let’s look at the typical answer. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) allows you to take advantage of your home’s value when you need it. To accomplish that, each HELOC is set up into […]

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what happens after the draw period

What Happens After the Initial Draw Period?

If you’re thinking of getting a HELOC, you may have heard the term, “draw period.” And you may know what it is. But, what happens after the draw period? We’ll get into that below. But first, a quick refresher. A home equity line of credit is a valuable tool that can impact your financial outlook […]

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